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When it comes to a custom luxury home, there are three key elements that we feel our homebuyers consider when making a decision on design, build and contractor.  

First, it is critical for us to have a connection with our clients. From a consultation standpoint, there has to be a relationship of trust and understanding of what the client actually wants, versus what the designer or builder think fits into their comfort zone, skill set or what their sub contractors have available.  Ashtin Homes has designed and built many custom homes, as well as over 500 spec homes, model homes and community homes. We realize the transition our buyers are making from a spec or community home, to a completely custom luxury home. Our average buyer has saved over 20-30 years to put together a dream home, and with that understanding comes a heavy responsibility. We value our clients relationship and I believe that is why we have been fortunate enough to create our firm through 75% referral based projects.
Second is the construction phase. This is where the communication between Ashtin Homes and our clients is key.  We are not a company that is learning on the fly, or using a client's life savings as a project to gain experience.  We have built over 500 homes, worked with hundreds of sub contracts on every level and we know exactly what products, materials, quality and work ethic is needed to complete a luxury home that exceeds expectation and that is completed on-time and on budget. The value of our knowledge carries through the construction phase and for years to come, as we rarely have warranty claims. We believe in doing things right the first time and after constructing hundreds of homes, we know that is why our business is growing versus our competitors. 
Third is our company. What truly makes Ashtin Homes unique is experienced consultancy, an unmatched resume of individual and community builds and our work ethic and values. Ashtin Homes was founded on the idea that a high-quality luxury home doesn't have to be a million dollar build. We don't inflate our numbers to account for future mistakes. Having experienced, highly-skilled resources and quality products allows us to build on-budget, where unfortunately, many of our competitors force their clients to pay for inexperience and for poor quality. We don't want you to take our word for it, speak to our clients, come walk through our homes and spend some time with our team.   As we mentioned before, we understand that it took years to save for your dream home and you are going to have to place your money and ultimately your trust into a home builder. 
Give Ashtin Homes an opportunity to show you the value you can expect from an experienced home builder.
Call Debbie Sapp at 480-797-6650 or send us an email at for more information on building your dream home or a current list of available inventory.