About Our Team





The perfect host at any OPEN HOUSE!  She graciously greets guests, while touring the home pointing out upgrades.  She pre-qualifies potential buyers so they are ready to write an offer on their dream home.  She's amazing at retaining clients and creating Friends for LIFE!



He was put on this earth to sell DIRT!!!  Creative thinking "outside the box" always gets the deal done when he's around.  Frank Merlo, Sr helped co-found the Father Daughter Real Estate team with his daughter, Debbie, in 2003.



Everyone just loves Frankie!  He is successful at assisting sellers through the short sale process.  Then, helping those same sellers get qualified after a short sale or foreclosure.  His specialties are investment and golf properties.  He is a hardworking dad who is amazing at golf, too! 



Enjoys the real estate process in any aspect.  She excels at negotiations whether its buyers or sellers.  She functions as seller liason during the listing process. She guides buyers expertly to successful closings.  She is also co-founder of Father-Daughter Real Estate Team in 2003 with her dad, Frank Merlo, Sr.  She is a mother of 3 children, so easily relates to families and the issues they face while trying to sell/buy their home.